Tapping into the CFA Network for Fun and Profit

Tapping into a worldwide network

I received my CFA charter just recently and felt just as proud as all CFA charter holders do. I had finally acquired the knowledge of the inner circle of finance professionals, but one other thing actually turned out to be just as important: Being part of CFA Institute as a member with access to an international network.

Granted, for most candidates what counts is only the designation itself. The benefit is obvious: To get ahead in our career and acquire the professional designation that signals your boss that we’re worthy of a promotion. But just think about at all the international interaction on Facebook groups and CFA forums that takes place and you notice that the CFA has a huge draw all over the planet. Just as great as the professional cache that comes with the CFA is being part of this worldwide network.

Tapping into the CFA Network


When I went on a recent business trip to Europe I decided to make use of that network and to connect with the local CFA organization in the city I visited. I just wanted to see how valuable the connection would be and if I could attend some local CFA events. The result was excellent: I attended a CFA networking event, had many beers with fellow CFA charter holders, and made some good friends in the  process. The reception was very friendly, and everybody seemed interested to meet someone from a foreign city. I will definitely do this again, even if I just to on holiday somewhere.

To do this yourself, you can go to http://www.cfasociety.org. The page will point you to a long list of international CFA societies, from where you can locate individual chapters in all parts of the world. You can then email or phone the president of the chapter to ask what events are going on. When you’re at the event, just introduce yourself to everybody to maximize exposure, and then take it from there.

It’s really very convenient, especially if you travel for business reasons. I never like to be in my hotel room all by myself in a foreign country, so it’s great to do something that connects you with people in your field. Who knows, there may be even some business coming out of it. I am sure this facility of CFA membership is completely underused. Even as a candidate you can participate in most events of CFA societies. Some of them also have monthly get-togethers to have drinks in a local bar, so all the more a reason to definitely check it out! Why not tap into this facility if it’s already there?